Community Acupuncture for Veterans (CAV)

Comprehensive group acupuncture administered to the bilateral auricles (outer ears) using the LoPriore PTS Resiliency & Vitality Protocol, which includes:

  1. Eight standard points that treat PTS, addiction and drug/alcohol dependency issues, anxiety, depression, anger, hyper-vigilance, insomnia, and functional impairment.
  2. A number of additional patient-specific points that treat individual chronic pain symptoms.

Additional body-acupuncture to available points is also administered to provide even greater positive therapeutic effect, when indicated by the symptoms and condition of individual patient(s), and if time is available based on the number of veterans to be treated.

David LoPriore Sensei can effectively treat up to 20 veterans at CAV acupuncture treatment events. These events are three to four hours in duration, not including set-up and clean-up time, and require two to four staff volunteers to help with patient information, registration, safety, and treatment. Patients are fully clothed, seated in comfortable chairs, and are not required to fill out paperwork or divulge any detailed history information if they do not wish to do so.

Treatment results last anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks, depending on many factors regarding the patient’s extant health. For best results, it is advised that patients receive these types of treatments every one to two weeks until their treatment goals have been met.

Currently, ongoing CAV free acupuncture treatment programs are offered at least twice monthly at the East Lyme Community Center in Niantic, Connecticut. CAV events are also offered periodically at other sites around Connecticut. Past sites for treatments or talks by our Founder/CEO David LoPriore Sensei, L.Ac. have included The Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital, The Hartford Armory, New London VA CBOC, CT ARNG Armed Forces Reserve Center, Camp Niantic, and the Norwich Vet Center, among others. Well over 600 free treatments have been provided by LoPriore Sensei since March, 2014.

First-time participant veterans should bring their DD-214 or other proof of active-duty or veteran status via other-than-dishonorable discharge.

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