The Dime Bank Foundation Awards
Warriors for Warriors a $4,000 Grant!

Warriors for Warriors is very grateful to have received a grant for $4,000 in January, 2016 from The Dime Bank Foundation for operational expenses of our ongoing free treatment and training programs for U.S. military veterans in need, including:

  • CAV Community Acupuncture Events for Veterans with PTS
  • Wellness and Warriorship training for individuals and groups of veterans, and active duty military units in need
  • Supplemental expenses not covered by the VA for veterans being treated with acupuncture, including Chinese herbal medicine, liniments, and self-care therapeutic devices and supplies.

These treatment programs are very successfully helping to prevent veteran suicide, and alleviate Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI and TBI), anxiety, depression, anger, hyper-vigilance, substance addiction, and chronic pain.

These are chronic problems millions of American military veterans face every day, and find very treatment-resistant, even while using typical allopathic methods of treatment.  Our free advanced Asian medical care and wellness training is unique, holistic, and highly-effective versus each and every one of these conditions.  Through The Dime Bank Foundation’s generosity, WfW will continue to offer community-style and comprehensive individualized care, and empowering wellness education to many more veterans in 2016.