Mindfulness and Wellness: WfW retreats and free classes, twice monthly at Bushidokai Dojo

In collaboration with WfW, Bushidokai Traditional Martial Arts Dojo offers classes twice monthly, at 20:30-21:30 every other Tuesday night on meditation, mindfulness, Asian wellness exercises, Japanese samurai warriorship training, and group discussion. These classes are free to combat veterans, and half-price ($10) for other veterans and combat veteran spouses.

From time to time, David LoPriore Sensei, L.Ac., the instructor of the class, spins off small groups of combat-veteran-only and/or Special-Operations-veteran-only mindfulness and awareness retreats and classes via Warriors for Warriors, which can be in the Dojo and/or done while hiking outdoors. On these retreats, other topics from section I, above, may also be included.