True Warriorship and Holistic Wellness Training

LoPriore Sensei’s True Warriorship and Holistic Wellness Training is comprised of topics such as holistic wellness theory, PTS recovery, Japanese samurai warriorship, mindfulness, performance optimization, Kosho Shorei Ki-Waza and Yoga, and C.H.E.A.T. D.E.A.T.H. advanced tactical training.

WfW offers weekend and longer retreats, and short topic classes for military and veterans that include mixes of several modules, depending on the needs of the population of veterans participating (active-duty Special Operations Forces, or regular force members). The combination of the topics taught is uniquely suited to veteran and military populations. Classes empower, inspire, and encourage veterans to apply their warrior ethos to fight the “inner battle” for control and regulation of their own mind and behavior, in the context of civilian life after transition out of military service, or for the optimization of mission or job performance. Retreats and classes are often offered in collaboration with other area non-profit organizations serving the needs of veterans.

Short class topics include:

  1. Mindfulness, Warriorship, and the Asian Medical View of PTS. 90-minute class.
    This class offers Asian holistic theory on PTS and describes how LoPriore Sensei has successfully treated many individual cases of PTS over the last 25 years. LoPriore Sensei’s approach uses acupuncture, mediation and mindfulness training, Japanese samurai principles of Warriorship and in some cases physical training from the arts of Kosho Shorei Ryu and Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, references to modern American military tactical training and Col. Jeff Cooper’s States of Awareness, and herbal medicine in some cases. Students come away from the class with a new knowledge and confidence that PTS is very treatable, naturally—without drug-therapy or hours of psychotherapy—and practical meditative mindfulness exercises they can do on their own to help reduce their PTS symptoms, especially hyper-vigilance, anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, and addiction.
  1. Asian Medical Microsystem Therapies for Treating PTS and Chronic or Acute Pain.
    90-minute class. Limited to 30 participants. Acupressure tools will be given to up to 30 attendees. Medics and other caregivers are especially strongly encouraged to attend.

    In this class, we discuss the basic theory and practical lay-application of Asian Hand-, and Auricular Therapy Microsystems. Using a small acupressure therapy tool, with Asian Hand Therapy (acupressure on one’s own hand), students learn how to quickly and effectively eliminate or greatly reduce chronic and acute pain naturally, without drugs or other methods that will take them out of the fight or out of work.

Using the same therapy tool, students will also learn how to provide LoPriore Sensei’s simple acupressure treatment for PTS Resiliency & Vitality. This technique on the auricle of the ear is done for others—your Battle Buddy, other unit members, anyone in need of relief from PTS symptoms, especially hyper-vigilance, anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, and addiction. It can be taught to family members wishing to support their warriors. Gentle acupressure is used to provide stimulation of the eight points in the protocol. Additional points may be used to greatly reduce or eliminate chronic pain or improve function.

To qualify for these programs, veterans must be other-than-dishonorably discharged, and show proof of military service such as a DD-214. Combat veterans and special-operations veterans are given priority when funding is limited.