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No veteran takes their life, or suffers PTS, pain, or hopelessness.

To end veteran suicide and suffering, promoting optimism, holistic wellness 
and True Warriorship, and restoring the promise that America takes care of our warriors.

November, 2018

Dear Friend:

I’d like to tell you about my friend, Tom—one of the thousands of veterans who return home from combat suffering from serious illnesses like post-traumatic stress (PTS), severe depression, and chronic pain.  

Tom enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1964 when he was 20, and shipped out to Vietnam as a Navy Hospital Corpsman two years later. “I was able to save some people,” says Tom, “But a lot died in my arms. I was trained to be a warrior, and I did my job. Unfortunately, for some of us, we brought that home with us.”

As we have all seen in the news, the VA is overwhelmed and unable to give optimal care to all of our veterans.  In many tragic cases, veterans have died waiting for the care they were promised.  Many, like Tom, have found no relief from the therapies and medications prescribed by VA doctors that cannot touch their pain or heal the lasting effects of trauma.

And the sad truth is, perhaps because the wait is so long and medications don’t solve their problems or ease their pain, 20 American veterans commit suicide every day.

As I’m sure you agree, that number is simply unacceptable. But here’s the good news: you can help veterans in Connecticut get the care they deserve—care that will actually treat their symptoms and heal their underlying psychological wounds. Because an extraordinary organization, Warriors for Warriors (WfW), does just that.

WfW is a non-profit organization that offers free treatments and counseling to veterans—with expert acupuncture and wellness education that offers steady, measurable results, and effectively addresses their issues by caring for the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. 

We’ve been able to give 4,500 free treatments to date, and every day, more and more veterans are hearing about WfW and coming to us for help. The bad news is that our fundraising cannot keep pace with the costs of treating so many brave veterans who need our help. 

 Please make a contribution today of $20, $50, or even $100 so that we don’t have to turn away any veterans who are suffering every day. Charter Oak Credit Union will match any gift made by its members now through November 21st, 2018 and Pfizer and other corporations match employee gifts, so check with your employer to see if they will match your gift. And then please be as generous as you can with a gift to Warriors for Warriors today.

WfW collaborates with other non-profits that are helping to bridge the VA funding gap—by partially or fully funding an initial series of treatments.  But even with this bridge, veterans might have to wait as long as four months for VA approval, and then for treatments to begin.

With your support today, WfW can treat veterans right away, when they need to be seen, and start the healing process—before they turn to alcohol, drugs, and despair. Since we started, our work has prevented at least 19 veterans’ suicides, and given many a reason to hope again. 

This immediate attention is at least as important to veterans as the treatment itself. It shows them that America takes care of her veterans, like our veterans took care of us when they signed up to serve.  We have not forgotten them. 

One thing Tom can’t forget is the two orphanages in Vietnam where he helped out—one Buddhist and one Catholic. One day, the sisters came running, saying their buildings had come under artillery fire. “I went to the area to help, and it was just bits and pieces of people. Children.” Tom recalled. “Some I had held in my arms the day before. This just implanted in my mind. That’s where my flashbacks go every time.”

Before acupuncture treatments, Tom was on multiple medications to deal with the flashbacks and nightmares haunting his days and nights. Tom explains, “Replaying the war in my head every day for the past 50 years brought me close to suicide.” 

I’m happy to tell you that Tom is doing much better. He says, “When I gave acupuncture a try, the nightmares started going away. Flashbacks come less and less now. It took time, but I got off all of the medications and I stopped living my life in a haze. Warriors for Warriors gave me my life back.” Tom has made incredible progress with acupuncture treatments, as well as a full range of comprehensive, holistic programs that WfW offers our veterans.  

I am thrilled that we have been able to help Tom. But there are so many more veterans who need our help. Veterans who volunteered to serve, and came home to find their lives torn apart by pain and illness.  

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Tom received his initial consultation and treatment at no charge, because of the kindness of Warriors for Warriors supporters. But our current funding cannot keep up with the demand, and that is why I am turning to you for your support today. Please make a generous gift to Warriors for Warriors, of $20, $50, or even $100 so we can help more veterans get their lives back on track. 

I’ve been practicing Asian medicine for more than 25 years, and have seen remarkable results through these ancient and gentle healing practices. I’ve always treated veterans and service members, but I developed specific protocols to combat PTS and other stress-related illnesses that veterans experience, when I volunteered to treat residents after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. When I saw how much we could help these anguished people with immediate treatment, I knew I could do more for our veterans.

WfW’s work is so important, because it can help our vets truly enjoy life again. My greatest wish is that no veteran takes his or her life, or suffers PTS, pain, or hopelessness.

Today, you can help to make that wish a reality by making a contribution to Warriors for Warriors. Together, we can show our veterans how much we appreciate their service on our behalf, and help them live happier, healthier lives.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season, and a happy New Year.


David LoPriore, L.Ac.

Contributions to Warriors for Warriors are tax deductible as allowed by law: IRS number #46-5479685